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Go outside. Seriously.

Go out back—or out front. That’s what I want you to do.

Do you love your landscape? Does it look like you? Do you feel at home there? Do your kids? Is it beautiful—according to you? If not, I can help. (In fact, check my blog for the cliffhanger saga of how my own garden fell into disrepair, and how I’m helping myself.)

A yard should have room for vegetables and flowers, playing and relaxing, sociability and solitude, kids and adults, drama and innocence . . . everything you love and nothing you don’t. I consider it an honor, as well as a good time and a satisfying job, to help you figure out what you really want and then make it real.

At Dirty Hands Garden Design, we take great pleasure in low-tech, highly creative transformations, whether that means a complete yard makeover, a one-day visit from our Seasonal Maintenance SWAT team or collaborating to produce a clear, unique design clients can build for themselves.

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